Quotes I was referred by a friend, and thought some of the soaps might make a good gift, decided to order myself one as well, since hell I deserve it.......anyway, the gifts worked out great, everyone loved the soap, and my bar turned me on to "custom-soap" compared to the crap I've been getting in the store. Big benefit, is besides it being great soap, it makes my whole bathroom smell great. Thanks Soap Lady! Quotes
Christopher Kotter
Happy, and smelling great

Quotes my soaps, lotion bars & bath salts came from!! i cannot wait to give out these little treats for those small token gifts we all need...teachers, company, stocking stuffers....even something for my 2 guys!!...photo does not capture the detail, especially 'Spell Soap' and the sparkles!...i personally have several of these bars and they lather up amazingly, smell GREAT and wash so clean...thank you Allison for your quick delivery and your great product!! Quotes

Quotes The artistry, the energy , the beauty and the absolute attention to detail is captured so richly within each and every product I've tried from your incredible creative, whimsical and thoughtful mind. Keep up the fantastic work. I've never smelled better... Quotes
I'm so glad you are in existence chiropractor

Quotes O.K., I admit it: I'm a guy, and I love taking a looong hot shower with really great and cool smelling artisanal soap. Especially, you know, in the morning before a really long, hard day at the rat race. And I really love eucalyptus. Hey! You've gotta treat yourself nice. You've gotta enjoy the simple, small things in life. Like great soap! Quotes

Quotes Great stuff! I will come back for more! Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes I've tried several of these scented soaps and found them to be quite refreshing. I no longer use regular soap. GREAT products. Quotes

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